What to Do If You Suspect That Soil at Your Property Is Contaminated with Asbestos

Today, regulators understand just how dangerous asbestos can be when found in older properties around the country. It's a shame that this product was used so extensively "back then" before people really understood the implications, but as building work continues during the present day, this problem can rear its head occasionally. Sometimes, asbestos is not only found within a structure, but also within the soil beneath and this can present additional problems if your particular property is so affected.

Tennis Court Surfaces: 3 Different Types Explained

Are you thinking of building a tennis court on your property? Several considerations have to be made when it comes to tennis court construction. For instance, you will want to evaluate factors such as the size depending on the amount of space you have on your property. However, perhaps one of the most significant elements you have to think about is the type of surface. That's because the type of surface will affect the gameplay and other aspects such as the costs of both installation and maintenance.

New and emergent features of concrete kerbs

Concrete kerbs have been used for hundreds of years to mark boundaries and to design edges of roads, footpaths, car parks and other public areas. Concrete kerbs are thus durable and useful options for providing the edging that is required in many different public structures. As the population in mostly urban areas continues to rise, more efficient and adaptive methods are being used to design commercial kerbs. These emergent methods adhere to better traffic control, increased safety, and improving accessibility public spaces.

Land Surveying: Then and Now

Used by contractors and solicitors alike, land surveyors serve a wide variety of purposes for a whole range of different industries. Because of this, it's a complex and ever-changing job with different techniques, equipment and requirements for every job they work on. That leads to a lot of technology updates each year — but compare it to techniques used when the discipline was first practised and there's barely any resemblance to modern-day land surveying at all.

Stone Splashbacks — Three Considerations to Make Them a Focal Point in the Bathroom

Most people associate splashbacks with the kitchen, but they can be instrumental in the bathroom, too. The right choice of splashbacks will ensure that your bathroom walls are protected from premature staining and discolouration, which aids in retaining the visual appeal of this haven. Moreover, choosing the right splashbacks will also contribute to the style of your bathroom, and this can increase the value of your residence. A material that is increasingly becoming a staple in contemporary Australian homes is natural stone.