3 Reasons to Use Bitumen Spray Sealing

Bitumen spray sealing is a common way of renovating and repairing road surfaces. What are the benefits of using this restorative process?

1. Get a Quick Surfacing Fix

If a road isn't in good shape, then you need to find an effective way to repair the surface in as short a time as possible. The longer it takes you to make repairs, the longer the road will be out of use. This can cause local traffic problems.

If you have to dig up large parts of a road, then the job will take time. You have to remove the existing surface, put down new foundation materials and then build up the road again.

You can speed up repair and restoration jobs by using bitumen spray sealing. Here, you simply spray a base coat of bitumen directly onto the surface before adding an aggregate mix to it. You then use a roller to push the aggregate into the bitumen. Once the mix sets and dries, the road is ready to use again. You get a much faster repair or resurface.

2. Reduce the Cost of Surfacing Repairs

Road repairs can eat into your budget. If you have to dig up roads and reconstruct them, then your materials, equipment and labour costs will be high. The longer a job takes, the more it will cost you.

If you use bitumen spray sealing to fix damaged or degraded surfaces, then you reduce your costs. This work takes less time and uses fewer materials.

Plus, these repairs are very effective. A spray coat can completely restore a worn and damaged road. The road then typically lasts a lot longer. So, a regular spray seal could also reduce your long-term repair and maintenance costs.

3. Tailor Sealing to Individual Surface Conditions

Road damage and wear can affect surfaces in different ways. You might need to use different fixes for different types of problems.

Bitumen spray sealing is a versatile solution. You can tailor sealing to the condition of an individual road or area of damage.

For example, if you just need to make a simple cosmetic fix, then one layer of bitumen and aggregate will do the job. However, if a road is more damaged, or if it has heavy traffic patterns, then you can up the ante.

Here you can add a second layer of bitumen and aggregate to the repair. This fixes deeper and more problematic damage or wear. Or, you can use a two-layered approach on parts of a road that have dipped or that have potholes to make the whole road level again.

To learn more, contact bitumen spray sealing specialists.