Have You Thought About Concrete Sealing?

Concrete is a popular form of flooring in both homes and commercial buildings. Concrete can also be found in foundations, walls and many other parts of your building. It is the strength and durability of concrete combined with the comparatively low construction costs that have led to its widespread acceptance, but unless the concrete is properly treated, the advantages of the material can soon be lost.

Concrete is porous

When you walk across a concrete floor or lean against a concrete wall, you might think that concrete is a solid material, but it isn't. Despite appearances, concrete is a porous material and can be damaged by liquid spills, rain and even ground-in dirt. The way to stop concrete from being damaged is by calling a concrete sealing company and asking them to seal your concrete surfaces.

What is concrete sealing?

If dirt comes into direct contact with a concrete surface, it can quickly become embedded in the concrete, discolouring it and making the surface look dirty. If any liquid spills on the concrete, it can soak into the concrete pores and cause damage. If the concrete is reinforced with steel bars, liquid can cause the bars to rust, cracking the concrete as the rust makes the bars expand. Concrete sealing involves placing a thin film over the concrete. The film prevents contact between the concrete and any dirt or spills. Anything that does land on the surface remains on the top and can be wiped away easily.

Why choose concrete sealing?

In addition to preventing damage, there are many reasons to consider concrete sealing. Perhaps the most obvious example is reduced maintenance costs. If dirt cannot penetrate your concrete surface, you don't have to spend an extended period cleaning it. A good deal of grime can be wiped away with a damp cloth rather than requiring scrubbing or specialist cleaning materials. Naturally, if the concrete is in good condition, you will not need to replace or repair it, so concrete sealing will also prevent you from paying additional expenses.

Another reason to consider concrete sealing is that this process doesn't just protect concrete. Concrete sealing also improves the appearance of concrete. Adding a seal will add vibrancy and lustre to the concrete that it previously lacked. Instead of a dull, grey appearance, you can allow your concrete to shine. To find out more about concrete sealing, speak to your local contractor.