4 Things to Consider When Choosing Pool Tiles

Once you have selected a pool design, including the depth and shape, the next step is to choose the right pool tile. The right pool tiles enhance your pool features. Decide if you want to tile the waterline of the pool or tile the entire pool. Both options have pleasing aesthetics. Now that you've decided to tile your pool, here are a few things you need to consider before you make the investment.

Choose the Right Type of Tile

One of the first decisions when choosing a new pool tile is the material you'd prefer. Pool tiles come in porcelain, ceramic, natural stone or glass. Porcelain and ceramic have traditionally been the swimming pool tile of choice for those with strict budgets. They're hand-painted with intricate designs that formed into a mosaic. 

If you're looking for a tile that will add some luxury to your pool area, you can choose glass tiles. While these can be a little more expensive than porcelain and ceramic, glass tiles shimmer when in changing light as water flows over the tile. Glass tiles are durable and non-porous, meaning that they're less likely to fade, discolour or wear out. If you're looking for the Mediterranean or natural style, you can choose a textured look for your pool design, while being relatively affordable for larger spaces. 

Choose the Right Colour

The most common pool tile colours are green, blue and white since they reflect the colour well and make the pool look inviting. If you're looking to add dimension and depth to your pool, opt for mixed colours or darker colours. To create an eye-catching feature, add an accent colour to your design. Remember, your tiles are likely to change colour depending on the lighting, brightness of the sun and the reflections of the immediate environment when submerged in water. 

Consider Safety

While your pool should look great, remember to prioritize safety. Choosing the prettiest tile may give you a short term fulfilment. Choose a tile that is slip-resistant to prevent common accidents resulting from a slippery pool floor. For example, stone pool tiles are slip-resistant. You can consider options like limestone, sandstone and granite. 

Consider the Cost

Budgets are essential when planning any project. The cost will help you narrow down your pool options. Tailor your budget estimates towards quality, rather than aesthetics. When setting up a budget limit, think about durability. Cutting down on costs will help save you money. However, focusing on quality will make sure your pool tiles last long.

Consult your pool contractor as you make the decision on pool tile and pool design. An experienced pool contractor will use their insight to combine your preferences with their experience to build a quality and durable pool.