Definitive Reasons Why A Pergola Is A Valuable Residential Investment

Comprising framework, pergolas are perfect for entertaining friends outdoors or simply being one with nature. Nevertheless, if you have a patio or a verandah, you could be thinking that hiring a pergola builder will be overkill. But this is untrue. The reality is that having this structure is not only functional, but it also offers you an array of additional advantages that make it worth the cost. This piece touches on just three definitive reasons why a pergola is a valuable residential investment.

Functions as an ornamental feature

While pergolas can be constructed adjacent to a pre-existing building such as a patio or your main house, choosing to have it as a freestanding element will add ornamental design to your garden. Pergolas, granted, are characterised by their framework. However, this does not mean that the design of your pergola has to be identical to that of other residences. For instance, you could choose to have latticework and this not only adds visual interest to your pergola but also ensures you have a degree of privacy when inside the structure. Another design idea you could consider is draping weather-resistant fabrics on the pergola posts to add a whimsical touch to the structure. Overall, you have numerous decorative options to choose from when transforming the pergola to an ornamental feature in your yard.

Expand usable living space

The second unbeatable advantage of hiring a pergola builder for this addition is for the opportunity of maximising on usable living space on your property. Pergolas are not limited to a particular size. Therefore, you do not have to construct a small structure that will only sit a couple of people. Instead, as long as you have the floor space in your yard, you can have your pergola as spacious as you want it to be. Moreover, the pergola can also function as a protective barrier for an existing living space. For example, if your patio is open to one side, you can have the pergola constructed to block this open area. Hence, when the weather changes, the pergola function as a windbreaker and subsequently makes the patio usable despite the weather.

Multifunctional shelter

Pergolas, admittedly, are typically sought after as shelter when you want to spend time outdoors. The great news is that this is not the only way that this structure can be functional in your property. Another excellent way of utilising a pergola on your residence is a carport. Not only does the shelter protect your vehicle from the elements but is much more attractive than the plastic variety. Additionally, you could utilize the pergola as a vertical garden sine the framework is perfect for climbing plants. Thus whatever your functional or aesthetic needs are, your pergola will meet them.

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