Benefits Of Glass Shower Screens

A luxurious, relaxing bathroom space is important so you can switch off for a few moments in a busy day. One way to increase its attraction is with glass shower screens. Here are several benefits of these enclosures. 

Open And Bright

If you want to create a spacious ambience, install a glass shower. While the panels create a physical barrier that contains splashing water, they don't create an opaque visual block. The transparent screens allow light to flow to all corners, maintaining an open character. The bathroom feels like one big area rather than two separate regions.

Highlights Beautiful Tiling 

If your shower enclosure features a chic subway tile design across the walls or a decorative mosaic floor, a glass shower will fade into the background and allow these elements to become the main focal point. By installing frameless panels, the enclosure will seem more invisible still, as the metal supports are so minimal.

Various Shapes

Glass showers are incredibly versatile; you can customise them to fit within virtually any space. Choose between square, hexagon, rectangle or rounded models which you can install anywhere in the area. For small bathrooms, the corner is often the best option, and angled shower screens protrude less to maximise space. In a narrow room, you can install a fixed and moving panel to enclose three tiled walls. For a bath and shower combo, fit a fixed screen to maintain a streamlined look. 

Glazing Possibilities

You may love the sleekness of glass but prefer more privacy. In that case, you can install frosted screens which will give some cover to shower goers. Choose between levels of transparency; the screens can be slightly obscured or quite opaque. As well, you can install decorative frosting to enhance your bathroom decor. River rock designs, forest trees or wave patterns are some of the many patterns on offer. You can go with more organic or geometric motifs, which can be subtle or loud. With a touch of colour, tinted glazing provides more possibilities. Smoky bronze, grey, blue or green tones can enhance the palette within the space. Deeper hues create more privacy. 

Durable And Resilient

These enclosures typically use either laminated or toughened glass, depending on the amount of framing. Laminated panels consist of two sheets of glass on either side of a plastic resin interlayer that bonds everything together. Toughened glass undergoes a tempering process that renders it about five times stronger than ordinary glass. Both types of glazing create secure shower enclosures.