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4 Benefits of a Mobile Skip Bin When looking to hire a skip bin for DIY projects, such as a minor construction project on your compound, you can be overwhelmed by the different options at your disposal. The reason is that different skip bin service providers have different packages… New and emergent features of concrete kerbs Concrete kerbs have been used for hundreds of years to mark boundaries and to design edges of roads, footpaths, car parks and other public areas. Concrete kerbs are thus durable and useful options for providing the edging that is required in many dif… Stone Splashbacks — Three Considerations to Make Them a Focal Point in the Bathroom Most people associate splashbacks with the kitchen, but they can be instrumental in the bathroom, too. The right choice of splashbacks will ensure that your bathroom walls are protected from premature staining and discolouration, which aids in retain… Should You Opt for a Plastic, Composite, or Timber Deck? When having a new deck installed outside your home, you can choose between plastic, composite, or timber for the slats and other pieces. Each of these has their advantages and disadvantages, so note a few pros and cons of these materials so you can f… How to Ensure That You Are Ready for That Major Construction Project If you are responsible for a challenging construction project ahead, you may be in the process of planning and considering professional plant hire. You may understand how much is at stake here, as not only do you have to get the job done right and on…
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When do you know that it is time to call in a contractor? When I decided to rewire my home and to replace the plumbing system, I didn't know how big a job it was going to be. My wife said I should call in a professional contractor but I said I could save some money by doing the job myself over the weekend. How wrong I was. By Sunday evening, the wires were all over the house and I couldn't remove several pipes from the bathroom. In the end, I called in a team of professional contractors who completed the work for me and also gave me some great advice which would help me to carry out DIY in the future.

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