Should you be calling a building surveyor?

Finding the right home can take time. You must first find an area of the country that you like, then look for a building that will make a great home for your family. You will want to be within easy reach of your place of work, local schools and all other amenities. Meeting all of these conditions can be difficult, and sometimes the right solution can be either to find a piece of land in the right place and build the home you need, or to buy a home in a less-than-ideal condition and fix it yourself. If either of these situations reflects where you are with your new home, you must work with some building surveyors.

How do building surveyors assist with a new-build property?

Building surveyors should be involved at every stage of your property construction. Talk to them as soon as you start to think about the design of your new home. They can provide valuable input into the initial design of the property. They will guide the construction to ensure that the completed building is functional, energy-efficient, safe and accessible. While your chosen builders will carry out all the construction work on the property, it is the role of the building surveyors to check that when finally completed, the building will be compliant with all building codes.

How do building surveyors assist with an older property?

If you decide to buy a property in a run-down condition, you could be buying something that a little paint and some basic maintenance will fix, or you could have a property with structural defects. To the untrained eye, the difference isn't always obvious, but the financial cost of buying a property in poor condition could be considerable. Building surveyors can examine the property in-depth and tell you what problems they can find. They will look at existing problems and those things that may not be an immediate concern but could create problems in the future. Similarly, if you need a dilapidation report for your insurance company, trained building surveyors are the right people to produce that report. Not only will they point out the problems, but they will also explain how to restore the property to a safe, liveable condition.

To learn more about the role of building surveyors in your project, speak to your local surveying team today. They will explain what you need to know about building surveying.