Three Reasons Why Your Commercial Refrigerator Isn't Keeping Your Items Cool Anymore

Commercial refrigerators are very different from your average residential fridge. Most people have very little knowledge of how their commercial refrigerators work, which is totally normal as this is not their main area of expertise. Of course, it does mean that you may struggle to identify what the problem is when your products are not being kept at the same temperature as they used to be. If it is not a glaring problem with the system then the only way you will find out the underlying issue is by hiring a commercial refrigeration repair contractor who will look for these three common problems first.

Poorly Functioning Compressor

Your compressor is perhaps the most important part of your commercial refrigeration unit because it is what is moving the vital coolant throughout the entire cool-room or display fridges. A compressor needs to be kept up to date and cleaned at all times to ensure that it does not start working inefficiently. If your compressor is not working well, it will be very noticeable almost immediately and you will need to call for commercial refrigeration repair. Not only could the compressor fail completely at any time, but it will keep costing more and more money in electricity to run as it gets more inefficient.

Poor Seals

A properly sealed refrigeration area is vital to keeping out moisture which, in turn, will become ice and frost inside the unit. If you notice a large build-up of ice along the walls, products or even in the centre of the commercial fridge, chances are the seals that keep the room closed off to the outside world are not working. Finding the leak can be quite hard, and fixing it is necessary to both stop the build-up of ice and to make sure you do not overwork the refrigeration unit.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Sometimes the problem with your refrigerator is not the actual cooling system at all, but the operating device that controls everything. If your thermostat or main controlling device is not responsive or does not implement changes that you instruct it to, then you will need to call a commercial refrigeration repair contractor just as you would if you had a busted engine or fan in your compressor. Luckily, these fixes are a lot easier most of the time because none of the structural components of your commercial fridge are affected in a way that would need in-depth repairs.