Top Tips When Hiring Industrial Construction Companies

Most people have a difficult time when hiring industrial construction companies. It is especially so since industrial constructors are not as many compared to residential and commercial contractors. Read this guide for some expert tips on how to hire industrial construction companies.


The industrial construction company must be licenced to provide construction services in your state. Besides, the company should be affiliated with a professional association. Contact the local building and construction commission to know whether the contractor has been accused of misconduct or poor quality work in the past. Alternatively, you could also interview some of the contractor's clients to understand his or her work ethic. 


Examine the company's expertise in industrial design-build practices. Design-build assigns the design and construction works to a single entity. As the client, you do not have to deal with different parties during site preparation, design and construction. Examine the company's previous projects to know whether they can handle the task at hand.

Work with a company that can customise the project to suit your needs. The company should assess the project and present a few proposals on how they intend to handle the construction works and the various challenges that they will encounter at the site. They should then assign a team of construction and design experts to help you execute the project. Typically, the team should have a leader who will act as your point person until the project is complete. 

Construction Safety

Safety is a vital aspect of industrial construction. Therefore, the contractor must observe safety at the site. For instance: 

  • Site equipment such as cranes, excavators, forklifts and scaffolds must be inspected before use. Preferably, the contractor should have a site supervisor to ensure that the equipment is safe to use.
  • All personnel should have personal protective clothing.
  • The contractor should explain how he or she will handle and dispose of dangerous materials. For example, the team could come into contact with hazardous chemicals when building a pharmaceutical or petroleum processing plant.
  • The company should have adequate insurance coverage. The policy should cover site employees, sub-contractors, site equipment and buildings. 

Pricing and Terms

The company should prepare a quote detailing how much the project will cost. Before requesting for a discount, ask the company how you can reduce the construction costs without compromising the safety of your building. For instance, you could use recycled materials during construction. Check when and how you should make your payments. Besides, read the terms of the contract to avoid extra charges and penalties. 

When hiring an industrial construction company, examine their licencing, design-build practices, safety standards, terms and pricing.