3 Ways to Lower the Cost of Your Marine Deliveries

When you are planning a corporate event, one of the things which you will need to plan is the company from which you are going to source your supplies. Depending on the nature of your event, you might need to bring in large items such as tables and chairs. Perhaps you will need stage materials or even marquees to host the event.

Delivering all of these materials to your location could be a complicated operation, and one of the best ways to simplify it and to keep your costs low is to use marine transport. By carefully scheduling harbour event deliveries, you can quickly move your supplies onward to wherever your event will take place. You will want to work with a professional company to ensure that your harbour event deliveries proceed smoothly.

Here are three things that you should do to ensure that your supplies get where they need to be without any problems.

Combine your supplies into a single shipment

While there are undeniable benefits in shopping around for the best price, you can't afford to overlook the shipping costs. Saving a little money on the purchase price is meaningless if you pay extra to deliver your goods. Scheduling harbour event deliveries provides you with the opportunity to combine all of your deliveries from one country into just one shipment and thereby save money on your delivery bill.

Schedule your harbour event deliveries for the cheapest time

When you set up your marine shipments, you can set the time that you want them to arrive. Often, the harbour will charge a fee for using the harbour at the busiest times, so if you want to avoid paying extra, you should arrange for your harbour event deliveries to arrive overnight or whenever is cheapest. You should also make sure they will be fully processed before the fees come into effect. Work out with the delivery company the cheapest time to arrive and save money on your deliveries.  

Don't use harbour storage

When your goods arrive at the harbour, it might be tempting to arrange for them to be stored there until you need them at the event venue, but that's usually not the best plan. Storing things at the harbour could involve you in significant extra costs and expose your supplies to the risk of damage. It's far better to use an independent logistics company to transport your harbour event deliveries to wherever they are needed. This gives you time to check the goods in advance and keep them somewhere under your own control until you want to use them.