Guide to Purchasing an AC System

Summer is here, and so is the intense heat that accompanies the season. The choice of buying an air conditioner is therefore crucial for getting the required cooling for your home at the best price. Cooling your home is a necessity during summer, and it helps you sleep better during this season. You should assess the following factors when purchasing an air conditioning unit:


The size of your home will determine the capacity of the AC unit you will need. The capacity of an air conditioner is measured in tons, and most residential air conditioners are 1.5-tonne to 5-tonne units. The myth that a bigger AC is better is false. Buying a higher-capacity AC unit will lead to a higher purchase price and increased utility bills, and a lower-capacity AC unit will use more energy to cool a room, thus increasing power costs. It is therefore essential to buy the right-sized air conditioner, for obvious reasons.

You should also consider the energy efficiency of an air conditioner's capacity. The energy efficiency ratio is the ratio between an air conditioner's size and its required watts. An AC unit with a high efficiency rate is more energy efficient.

Installation and maintenance

The performance of an air conditioner mainly depends on its installation and maintenance. When purchasing an AC system, therefore, you should arrange for professional installation. You also need to ask an authorised dealer about the frequency of maintenance. AC systems require regular maintenance every few months to function optimally. The type of air conditioning unit will, however, determine the rate of maintenance.

Extra features

When buying an air conditioner, you should consider additional features such as night mode, dehumidifier mode, heat pump mode and remote control. Night mode in an air conditioner reduces the noise output at night, helping you sleep better with minimal distraction. Dehumidifier mode, on the other hand, increases the usefulness of an air conditioner all year round. It does so by removing excess humidity in the air. While an air conditioner removes moisture, it is not as efficient without a dehumidifier mode. Australia's environment is extremely humid, which can cause health issues and damage to properties through things such as the growth of mould. Heat pump mode allows an AC unit to function as a heater, which is a useful feature during winter. Lastly, the remote control feature allows you to adjust the temperature settings from the comfort of your seat.

For more information, contact an air conditioning professional.