3 Troubleshooting Tips for a Noisy Swimming Pool Pump

Today, the swimming pool area has become a coveted outdoor space for most homeowners. Therefore, swimming pool contractors should make the area as serene as possible, and this includes a quite pool pump. There is nothing more annoying to a homeowner trying to enjoy a dip in the pool on a hot summer afternoon than the loud humming noise from the pool pump. Since there are myriad reasons for a noisy pool pump, a contractor must identify and troubleshoot the problem. This article provides insight into the various troubleshooting options to consider when contracted to repair a noisy pool pump.

1. Adjust Pump Base -- The first thing you should do when working on a noisy pool pump is to turn it on and watch how it behaves for a few minutes. One area that you should pay particular attention to during preliminary inspections is the pump's base. Because pool pumps are vibrating machines, they tend to loosen the bolts holding the base in place. When this happens, the base begins to vibrate and the longer it stays unchecked, the noisier it gets. If you have identified loose bolts as the cause of the noise, tighten the screws and turn on the pump again. If the noise persists, then you might need a rubber pad between the concrete support and the pump itself. The rubber pad absorbs the vibrations from the pump, thereby dampening the noise.

2. Unclog Skimmer Baskets -- The next possible cause of a noisy pool pump is clogged skimmer baskets. The debris collection baskets are located on the sides of the swimming pool and help to prevent the passage of debris into the pool pump. However, if the owner does not clean out the skimmer baskets regularly, then clogging might take place. It prevents water from reaching the pool pump motor, thereby leading to cavitations and an increase in noise levels produced by the motor. If this is the case, then merely clearing and cleaning the baskets will ensure that the motor receives water, thereby eliminating cavitations and pump noise.

3. Raised Water Level -- Apart from clogged skimmer baskets, low swimming pool water levels can also prevent water from reaching the pump, which can lead to a noisy pool pump. Evaporation and excessive splashing of the pool water are just some of the causes of low water levels in a pool. Whatever the reason is, it is vital for the water level to be high enough to submerge the skimmer baskets. You can, therefore, raise the water level by running tap water into the pool via a garden hose until you reach the desired level. It will ensure that the motor always receives water which eliminates pump noise.

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