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Reinforced Concrete: Understanding the Alternatives to Carbon Steel Bars

Reinforcing bars are crucial elements in concrete construction. In general, concrete is a sturdy material which can withstand compressional force. However, tensional stress will cause the structure to sustain cracks and fail prematurely. The installation of rebars ensures stability and resistance against deformation. For most projects, standard carbon steel reinforcing bars are sufficient for promoting the durability of concrete. However, if your structure has unique requirements, consider this brief outline of the alternative concrete reinforcing elements. 

Sheet Metal Reinforcing

Sheet metal reinforcing elements are ideal for increasing the strength of flat concrete surfaces. For instance, this option is suitable for enhancing the resilience of flooring and roofing surfaces. Also, this type of product can be used for strengthening the base of concrete stairs. In general, steel metal reinforcing is made using annealed sheet steel pieces which are bent into corrugations. The installation of this material will ensure long-term stability of your flat structures.

Welded Wire Fabric

If you are planning on building concrete slabs, you should think about acquiring welded wire fabric as your reinforcing element. As suggested, welded wire fabric is comprised of a series of steel wires which are organised at right angles. They are fused at the crossings, ensuring stability and promoting optimal mechanical performance. You can install this element in your slab-on-ground slabs in your building. If you would like to use it in structural floor slabs or as part of your wall structures, you will need to get a denser fabrication rated for high-demand applications. 

Stainless Steel Rebar

Carbon steel rebars are resilient and long-lasting, so they perform well in most applications. However, they have one distinct weakness which can compromise their performance as reinforcing elements. They are vulnerable to corrosion when exposed to moisture and air, and the process is accelerated in marine environments and acidic surroundings. If you are concerned about this issue for your project, you should consider using stainless steel rebar. This option is suitable for areas and structures subject to corrosion problems. However, you should remember that the cost of purchase is high.

Epoxy-Coated Rebar

If your concrete structure might be subject to unavoidable corrosion problems due to the environment, you should consider using epoxy-coated rebar. Like the stainless steel, this element will not experience accelerated degradation. The coating will prevent contact between the material and adverse conditions. This choice is cheaper than stainless steel, but you should remember that the layer can be delicate. Therefore, make sure to choose a reliable supplier.

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