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Portable Toilet Hire Options for Your Construction Site

When it comes to portable toilet hire, people tend to focus on details such as the number of people that would be using them, the amenities included and more. Although it is essential to narrow down your immediate needs so that you can make the most of your portaloo hire, these are not the only prerequisites to have in mind. It is also important to know what types of portaloos are available from the providers so you can discern what would be ideal for your construction site. The following are some of the portable toilet hire options that you could choose for your construction site.

Sewer connected portaloos

If you have a large budget, you may want to consider investing in portable toilets that have the ability to be connected to pre-existing sewer lines. These portaloos are considered a premium option as they provide the enhanced convenience of making the most of the local sewerage system. The ability to connect the portaloos to the sewer line also makes them ideal for large construction sites as they facilitate easy waste elimination when numerous people are using the portaloos simultaneously. With these portaloos, servicing of the toilet is unnecessary as it works as a regular plumbed loo.

Nonetheless, it should be noted that not all construction projects would be located in an area that has access to a sewer line. Therefore, it would be prudent to determine the accessibility your location allows before ordering these types of portable toilets from your preferred provider.

Chemical treatment portaloos

The second type of portaloo that you could consider for your construction site is the chemical treatment alternatives. Unlike their sewer-connected counterparts, these types of portable toilets do not have any sewerage access that you could utilise. Instead, they are fitted with a chemical system that works to neutralise the waste in the toilets. Once someone has relieved themselves, the waste is transferred through regular flushing to the built-in chemical system for breaking down.

It should be noted that, although the waste is broken down, there is no way of eliminating it from the portaloo itself. Therefore, you would have to get the portaloos serviced on a scheduled basis depending on the number of people that would be using them for the duration of your construction project. Nonetheless, they are an affordable option when compared to their sewer-connected counterparts, making them a cost-efficient alternative for construction sites.

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