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3 Ways An Architect Can Make Your Home Extension Project A Success

Extending your home is an excellent way to increase your living space and increase the value of your property. However, not all extensions are created equal and without the proper planning, design and advice, you might end up with an addition that provides more cons than it does pros.

Using a professional architect is considered common practice when constructing a new home but they can be a valuable contributor to an extension project as well. Here are three ways that an architect can make your home's new addition a success.

1. They can ensure efficient use of space

One of the conundrums in extending your home is the sacrifice of outdoor space for increased indoor space. Clever design can help you to get the maximum amount of extra floor space without eating up too much of your garden in the process.

Your architect can help you with fresh ideas about the shape and location of the extension in order to achieve the right balance. This may include extending upwards as well as outwards or reconfiguring the internal layout to make better use of the new space.

2. They can ensure the extension complements your home

Adding an extension to your home comes with the risk of the new construction looking out of place and like a tacked-on afterthought. This not only looks unsightly and disappointing, it can also dramatically affect the value of your home and its attractiveness to potential future buyers.

An architect can make sure that the extension is sympathetic to the design of your existing home and make it seem like it's always been a part of the building. They may suggest some modification of the exterior of your home to tie it in with the look of the extension.

3. They can save you time in the building approval process

Before you can construct an extension on your home, you'll need to get planning permission from your local council. This can sometimes be a lengthy project and may require several applications if your council is known for its conservative view of residential construction.

Your architect will be well versed in the logistics, submissions process and building requirements of the council. They can ensure that your proposed extension meets all relevant council guidelines before the plans are submitted which will save you time and allow your extension project to be completed in a quick and cost-effective timeframe.

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