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Marina Construction: Should You Choose a Floating Dock System?

There are numerous docking systems on the market which are suitable for installation in a marina. Therefore, you should explore the different choices and make comparisons before making your decision. One of the most beneficial options in the modern industry is the floating dock. If you are looking for a dock which can handle the diverse needs in a marina, you should consider obtaining this type of system. This product has gained popularity due to its inherent flexibility and low cost of construction. Here are the primary reasons why you should choose a floating docking system. 

Construction Flexibility

Floating docks are typically fabricated as modular structures. In simple terms, they have multiple independent sections which are joined together to create the docking system. This construction aspect is favourable because you will enjoy extensive flexibility in your marina. You can customise the structure to match your exact design and size requirements. Also, you can reduce or increase the length, depending on your changing needs.

Security in Storms

Stationary docking systems can be problematic during storms and tide changes. Simply speaking, the dock sustains a lot of mechanical stress during periods of unrest in the water. This strain can increase the deterioration of the structure. When you install a floating dock, the system will be secure because it will rise and fall with the water movement. Also, your boats will be safer because you won't have to continually calculate the length of line you need to compensate for tidal changes.

Durable Materials

One of the challenges in constructing docks is the choice of materials. The wrong material choice can lead to unexpected financial losses due to premature deterioration or even accidents after a system failure. Some popular materials such as wood are vulnerable to water, while metals are affected by the water salinity in marinas. Floating docks are made from materials such polyethene and concrete-coated polystyrene. These materials can withstand adversities without accelerated breakdown.

Low Maintenance

Finally, you should note that floating docks are low-maintenance structures. The style of construction and the materials used do not require constant upkeep for optimal performance. For example, wood needs protective sealing and painting to prolong its lifespan and ensure aesthetic appeal. The floating dock materials are not prone to external deterioration or wear, so you will only need to clean the surfaces and inspect the structure regularly.

If you are uncertain whether the floating dock is ideal for your marina or not, you should consult a company like The Jetty Specialist for professional guidance.

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