Beginners Guide to DIY Slab Refurbishment

Is your patio looking a bit rugged and old? Do you want to polish your concrete floor with a fresh paint? Or do you want to replace your tiles in the house? All these things are very common steps taken by people who want to give their homes a fresh look. The main question, however, is whether you know the process of getting that desired floor. Here is a simple beginner's guide to help you through:

Remove the Concrete

The fact is, you cannot replace tiles nor have a newly polished floor on top of the old uneven surface. The first step to achieving your dream floor is to remove the top layer so that you can have an even surface ready for work. Concrete grinding is the process of removing unwanted materials or coating in preparation for another procedure. Unless you are a contractor, the ideal situation is to hire a grinder that comes with various tooling or attachments to make your work easier. The people who will lease you the grinder should direct and show you exactly how to use the machine and the attachments. Concrete drilling may be needed if you want to place something beneath the floor.

Get the Right Profile

A profile refers to the texture or roughness of the concrete. If you want to place a coat on top of the even surface after concrete grinding, you must ensure the surface has the right profile. Some coatings require rough texture, while others require a smooth one, and the manufacturer should help you with that choice. A grinder has specific tooling for the type of profile you need.

Place the Top Surface

After the grinder has done all the concrete removal and you have the profile you need, the next step is to place your coating or tiles. A cement mixture will be used to get the tiles on or to create that top coat of smooth floor. This step has to be done with hands if the grinder lacks that attachment for coating, and then you have to wait for the whole top layer to dry out.


Polishing gives your floor that shiny, smooth and new look that is easy to clean and good looking. A grinder has an attachment for polishing, but some expertise is required because of the chemical application. There are also other steps after polishing, like sealing the surface to make it hard and durable.

With the right tools, chemicals, and patience, you can transform your rugged floors into new and shiny surfaces at minimal cost.