Which Builders Hardware Should You Consider For Your Basement Flooring?

Originally, basements were spaces relegate for use as food storage, utility rooms or even wine cellars. In recent times, as real-estate prices skyrocket and square footage decreases, homeowners are looking to convert these rooms into livable space. However, if you are seeking to transform your basement into a home office, additional bedroom or even an entertainment room, you need to ensure that you install the proper flooring. Basements are known as below grade rooms since they are constructed below ground level. This location makes the basement susceptible to water ingress, particularly if the foundation is old. Thus, your choice of flooring material should be resistant to water dame. So what are some of the building hardware solutions that you could consider for your basement flooring?


In addition to being one of the most readily available flooring materials, tile makes a suitable option for the basement as it has an inherent resistant to humidity. Nevertheless, there are some things to take into consideration before deciding on which tile to install. Firstly, enquire about the porcelain enamel institute, also referred to as the PEI, of the tile. This measurement rates how durable the tile is. Therefore, the higher the PEI, the better suited the tile will be for high traffic applications. Secondly, enquire about how waterproof the tile is. As a rule of thumb, steer clear from porous materials as these would not do well in moist conditions for the long term.

Engineered timber

Hardwood floors are a favourite design element in Australian homes. Nonetheless, it would not be advisable to install hardwood flooring in your basement as it could quickly deteriorate. If you are looking to maintain uniformity in your residential flooring, you could consider engineered timber. This wood flooring comprises an inner core of cross-layered planks, which function to prevent premature contraction and expansion from temperature and humidity changes. Secondly, the resins integrated into the engineered timber also makes it a waterproof flooring solution.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

This type of flooring is commonly known as LVT. It is a far cry from regular vinyl materials that most people assume is what they will get when opting for vinyl flooring supplies. Technological advancements have ensured that LVT is not only more attractive than conventional vinyl, but it is also much less susceptible to cosmetic damages. One of the added benefits of LVT is the three-dimensional film that is adhered to its top surface. This coating mimics a myriad of different kinds of flooring materials, so you can be assured your basement flooring will be attractive. Moreover, the three-dimensional film also functions as a protective coating, preventing the risk of water damage.