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Three Plywood Products Used in Construction

Plywood is produced from glueing together thin sheets of veneers. The sheets are pressed together to create a compact structure which will be able to deliver various functions as intended. One of the physical properties of plywood products is their strength, which offers perfect structural rigidity. There are several types of plywood products in the market you may not be aware of. To help you out, here are some you should know about.

Exterior Plywood 

This sort of plywood is created through the bounding of wood with water-resistant glues. The plywood product is highly suited for outdoor applications as the water resistant glue keeps it from soaking in too much moisture. The exterior plywood comes in various categories depending on the materials used as well as the grades. The grading of exterior plywood is done according to the quality of wood with A being the best and D being the least quality. The grading is done to assist you in selecting the best product you require for your construction. The materials used in the making of exterior plywood include pine, spruce, mahogany, Douglas fir as well as birch.

Marine Plywood 

From the name marine, one would think that the plywood is water resistant. However, the name marine emanates from the fact that it is good quality plywood made using waterproof glue. This glue is what gives the plywood its maritime capabilities. The best of its grade are usually lightweight, strong and very durable. Such qualities make it quite common in the boat construction industry.

The marine plywood can also be used in outdoor furniture projects. Such projects, however, have to be given a good protective finish to ensure they can withstand the natural elements. Some of the wood used to make marine plywood possess no natural decaying resistance. These include Cyprus, Ipe as well as redwood which makes it nonresistant to rot. They are also not treated with pressure to resist decay making them extremely vulnerable when exposed to moisture. However, when protected by a water-resistant finish, they can withstand to any moisture conditions.

Structural Plywood 

Structural plywood is manufactured through a series of wood veneers glued together in a press machine to come up with a rigid board. This entire process delivers products which are both sturdy and firm. The wood veneers used in the making of structural plywood products are from the Radiata Pine. The veneers are firmly fused together through the application of a tough and waterproof type "A" glue. The veneers are pressed under great pressure which eventually sets the glue. This finally results in the solid structural plywood that can be used for various tough tasks in the construction industry.

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