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Ways that Subdivision Contractors Can Use Drilling and Blasting

Drilling and blasting contractors generally bring to mind large city or state based projects. What you may not immediately think about, as a real estate developer, is the need for these contractors for your subdivision projects. Some land that is purchased for subdivisions either consists of older abandoned properties or large amounts of wooded acreage. If this is the case, here are some ways that drilling and blasting contractors can help.

Building Demolition

You may find that some of your land purchase contains older buildings. This is especially true if you have purchased an area of acreage that was once industrial related. A drilling and blasting contractor can step in and use blasting techniques to demolish the buildings easily and quickly. They also know the techniques to use to if there is asbestos in the area or if the buildings being demolished may have toxic or environmental issues once demolished.

Blasting Utilities

In some cases, you may buy land for subdivision development that contains older utility pipes and underground lines. These need to be upgraded for most cities to accept the subdivision and to pass inspections. A drilling and blasting contractor can handle the blastic required to access and break up the current utilities that are there and to prepare the land for the new utilities to be placed. This will require several permits and may also require that the utilities authorities ensure that power is shut off to the area. If water lines are involved, you may also need to have the water authority ensure that water is shut off to the area until the new utilities are placed.

Water Well and Line Drilling

Depending on where the subdivision land is located, you may find that you need a water well drilled, or that you need water lines drilled for the new utilities to be placed. If this is the case, then a drilling and blasting contractor can help. They can not only drill for future water lines to be placed, but they can also drill for water wells to the depth required and width required. They can also drill into water well areas that may have been closed off over the past several decades and need to be reopened for the purposes of the subdivision.

These are just a few of the tasks that a drilling and blasting contractor can offer for the development of your subdivision. For more services, and an evaluation of your current situation, consider contacting a local contractor today. For more information, contact a business such as Rock On Ground.

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