3 Reasons Why Metal Roofing Remains A Popular Choice In Construction

Metal roofing is an iconic feature of the Australian architectural landscape. It's been used to cover and protect buildings for many decades and it can be seen all around the country on humble sheds through to large, opulent mansions. Despite the existence of a huge variety of other materials that are available for roofing, metal roofing has an enduring popularity that continues to grow in modern building design. Here are three reasons why metal roofing is still the number one choice for many homeowners, builders and architects.

1. It's highly durable

Metal roofing has an incredibly long lifespan and it can easily outlive most other components of a building's structure. The strong, tough steel is resistant to weather damage, UV damage and the general ravages of time.

This durability makes metal roofing a sound financial investment which won't need regular replacement or maintenance like other less hardy materials. It also gives it a top rating for sustainability because it reduces the use of resources needed in the future for your home.

2. It's incredibly versatile

While strong, metal roofing is also very flexible. This means that it can be used to cover roofs that don't have a standard roofline or pitch. It can be used to create curved or roofs with unusual or eclectic angles that give a building a striking and architectural look.

The strength of metal roofing also allows you to create large roof spans with less framework than other roofing materials. This characteristic provides more options and greater versatility when it comes to designing homes that are slightly more ambitious than standard home designs.

3. It's very beautiful

As well as all the functional qualities of metal roofing, it can also play a large part in creating an attractive and contemporary home. Metal roofing now comes in a wide variety of beautiful colours which are designed to enhance and complement the overall design of your home.

If you have a period property, you can choose from one of the classic heritage colours that were commonly used when the property was first constructed. For modern homes, there are a number of more contemporary shades which are designed to work with the colour palettes that are in fashion. You can also opt for an edgy matte finish instead of the standard gloss finish.

If you're thinking of replacing your existing roof or you're in the process of designing a new home, then contact your local metal roofing contractors. They can guide you through the different metal roofing options available and help you to choose the ideal type for your home.